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Strategro Consulting provides clients with expert market recommendations and effective entry strategies, and the necessary tools and assistance for proper execution. We combine best practices and broad sector experience with a unique hands-on approach, to help ensure successful market entry and business growth for our clients.  Download our brochure.  

Cluster Development

Strategro's cluster development is done through a joint venture with Accelligent Management Group, that is dedicated to helping international, national & regional governments, industry and trade groups to design, develop and execute actionable strategies and plans for sector growth and cluster development. Accelligent utilize a unique and flexible methodology, called SectorStim™, for stimulating sector growth.    Web:

Strategro Presents "Accessing Innovation" at SIAL International Food Show PDF Print E-mail
Steve Dillingham, Principle of Strategro International, delivered an intriguing presentation at the International SIAL Canada Food Show recently held in Toronto, that focused on technology and trends shaping today’s agri-food marketplace, while exploring how outside assistance can help small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) achieve in-house innovation. 

During the May 13th seminar, Dillingham identified overarching food trends typical in today’s marketplace; which included superior taste, functional benefits, and portion size. In addition, he covered the need to reduce “bad” (sodium, HFCS, fat) and increase “good” (natural, new flavours, health benefits), easier to use/open packaging, and attractive “greener” options also popular among consumers.

The presentation concluded with a concrete innovation rule, which is simply - you don’t have to have the resources in-house, or a project development budget like “the big guys”. Use your ingredient and/or flavour house suppliers, packaging vendors, research networks, and food development centres as your access to innovation and a means to keep your products relevant in today’s marketplace.