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Norwegian natural marine ingredient set to revolutionize anti-aging market PDF Print E-mail

New marine ingredient offers multiple applications including gentle exfoliation and moisturizing, shown to accelerate new skin cell growth

Strategro client Aqua Bio Technology AS (ABT), a Norwegian marine biotechnology company developing innovative active ingredients for the global personal care industry, today announced the global launch of ZONASE X™, a natural anti-aging ingredient composed of marine peptides and unique, non-toxic marine enzymes.  Following successful launch in the highly demanding Scandinavian market, ZONASE X™ is now ready for the global market.   

The primary benefit of the unique ZONASE X is gentle, yet effective exfoliation, making it a safe and natural alternative to α-hydroxy acid, harsh fruit enzyme peels, and other potentially caustic exfoliating agents. In addition, the ingredient has shown excellent moisturizing properties, allowing for accelerated skin cell growth.  “The anti-aging category is driving the market, with forecasts of double-digit growth over the next five years,” said Thor Arne Talseth, Executive Chairman.  “Our testing shows that all-natural ZONASE X is as effective as other exfoliants on the market – yet does not have the same abrasive qualities and is far gentler on the skin. It also offers a moisturizing benefit, providing additional value.  These positive attributes have been very well-received during Scandinavian launch, and we believe this unique discovery could quickly become a dominant ingredient within the anti-aging segment.” 

ZONASE X was first discovered at the salmon fish hatcheries in Norway, where hatchery staff members had surprisingly smooth hands – despite being immersed in intensely cold water for long periods. Their smooth skin was in fact due to an enzyme in the water secreted by fish larvae inside the egg just prior to hatching. This enzyme helps to break the egg shell during hatching -- without harming the highly fragile larvae inside. Further research on this new enzyme indicated that the egg shell had a protein structure akin to corneum proteins of human skin.  Thus, the connection to the smooth hands was made – and a new, natural and gentle exfoliant was discovered.

ABT has patented and trademarked the commercial product, and utilizing proprietary technologies, is currently separating and purifying the natural raw material originating from the hatchery waters (not harming the fish, larvae or eggs in the process). ZONASE X is considered the only non-toxic, non-promiscuous protease available for use in the cosmetic market. It has been extensively tested for safety and efficacy by the company, and is now being offered to personal care manufacturers in the global market as a new, natural and gentle anti-aging ingredient for exfoliating and moisturizing applications. 

About Aqua Bio Technology ASA

Aqua Bio Technology is a Norwegian marine biotechnology firm specializing in the discovery and manufacturing of marine-based ingredients for the personal care and life science industry. The company is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and is listed on Oslo Axess under the ticker ABT.