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Delta 3 Methodology

Strategro's Delta 3 (∆3) market development methodology is the cornerstone of our market entry and expansion approach.

∆1 Qualify
In the first phase Strategro conducts an initial opportunity assessment, qualifying the company's overall
readiness for entering the market. The objective of this phase is to achieve an initial go/no-go recommendation.

Typical ∆1 deliverables include:

  • Market overview and competitive analysis
  • Target market identification and qualification
  • Feedback from industry insiders, potential customers and partners
  • Regulatory overview
  • Plan for initial business development and go-to-market strategy

∆2 Engagedelta_3.jpg
Based on findings and accomplishments from ∆1, Strategro will help develop a clear value proposition for the client, and engage with potential customers and/or partners with the objective to secure proof-of-concept.

Typical ∆2 deliverables include:

  • Value proposition and marketing strategy
  • Partner and customer qualification and initial meetings
  • Proof-of-Concept in North America (product sale or other agreement)
  • Business and Marketing Plan for launch 

∆3 Launch
In this last phase, Strategro helps the client establish a fully functional North American operation, secure an ongoing revenue stream through partners, or scale-up North American operations. In this phase, marketing plans are 'tweaked', sales leads are generated, and plans for long term growth are established.

Typical ∆3 deliverables include:

  • Execution of sales, marketing and PR plans
  • Partner, distributor and customer acquisition.
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Partner and channel programs and management